March 2019 Data Nugget

March 22nd, 2019 - 2:48pm

Substantial Success in Reducing High Failure Rate Courses at COM

In its most recent three years of strategic planning, COM has put substantial effort into improving students’ success in courses, particularly those where the failure rate was higher than the floor established as our institution-set standard (70 percent).

Progress has been made. When this study was done in 2015, there were 28 high failure rate courses. In the current study, which includes courses offered from fall 2015 through fall 2018, there were 11 high failure rate courses. Five of the 11 were high failure rate courses in the previous time period and remain so. They are Math 95, Math 101, Math 103, English 120, and Biology 110.

Overall course success rates by division and by race/ethnicity can be seen in the Fact Book.