Science Museum

The College of Marin Science Museum offers some of the best opportunities for learning about science and the natural world in Marin. The collection is the result of over a century of work by our faculty, staff, students, and patrons. Topics covered range from anthropology to zoology, including plants, fungi, insects, fish, birds, mammals, rocks, fossils, and more. The museum collections have recently moved into new quarters equipped with updated facilities providing new opportunities for greater access to science exhibits.

The College would like to make its extraordinary collections more accessible to members of the college community, as well as to science and natural history enthusiasts throughout Marin. As important steps toward this goal, a modern exhibit area has been constructed with detailed plans for finishing it with state-of-the-art displays so that students and the community can access this important learning and cultural resource. A fundraising drive is now underway, with naming options available for interested donors.

Supporting the College of Marin Science Museum will ensure our students and the greater community an enduring and creative means of teaching, learning, exploring, questioning and engaging with the world.