Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees of College of Marin consists of seven voting members who are chosen at large on a nonpartisan basis in public elections held in even-numbered years. These members serve four-year terms which are staggered. A non-voting student member of the Board is elected by the student body for a one-year term. The Board of Trustees, composed of community representatives and responsible to the public, has the authority to appoint the Superintendent/President and other administrative personnel, faculty members, and members of the Board in the case of vacancies.


Wanden P. Treanor, President
Term: 1996/2022

Stephanie O’Brien, Vice President
Term: 2011/2024

Diana Conti, Clerk
Term: 2009/2022

Suzanne Brown Crow, Trustee
Term: 2018/2022

Philip Kranenburg, Trustee
Term: 2003/2024

Eva Long, Ph.D., Trustee
Term: 1999/2024

Paul da Silva, Trustee
Term: 2020/2024

Juniper Yoshihara, Student Trustee
Term: 2021/2022


Compensation and Health Benefits

Members of the Board of Trustees receive compensation in accordance with Education Code 72024 and Board Policy 2725 Compensation and are entitled to health benefits in accordance with Board Policy 2730 Board Member Health Benefits. Trustees currently receive $453.27 per month. The student trustee receives $226.64 per month for the fall and spring semesters.


Members of the Board of Trustees are entitled to reimbursement under Board Policy 2735 Board Member Travel


Election information

Available on the County of Marin web site and updated for each upcoming election: Election Information