Assessment and Program Review

Assessment and Program Review at the College of Marin are two processes aimed to help departments and programs evaluate their educational effectiveness, identify equity gaps and improve student success, which may result in curricular changes and resource allocation.

ASSESSMENT is an annual process that uses student learning outcomes to measure student success for continuous improvement of teaching. Program level data from outcomes assessment can be disaggregated by gender and race/ethnicity and analyzed to identify areas in learning where success rates are uneven among students subpopulations.

PROGRAM REVIEW is a comprehensive review completed every six years by all departments and programs.  It is an opportunity for faculty to discuss and develop plans for improving student success based on student achievement and student outcomes.

The basic program review process is outlined below:

  1. Begin program review analysis with data coaching from PRIE
  2. Review outcomes assessment data with SLOAC
  3. Equity Facilitators facilitate discussion about curricular changes, resource requests and goals based on data analysis
  4. Refine departmental goals, complete program teview document, and discuss resource requests with Area Dean
  5. GRIT provides feedback which departments apply to programs and then re-evaluates progress at the next program review cycle
  6. Dean presents department ongoing program review to PRAC

Program Review Process diagram