Paying for College

Tuition and Fees

Nearly all fees to attend College of Marin (COM) are determined by the California State Legislature. Before registering for classes, students must clear any prior semester’s unpaid fees with the Cashiering Services Office on either campus. We strongly believe that College should be accessible to all. Review our Payment Policy for more information, including our Payment Plan option. A variety of federal, state, and community programs can help to cover school and living expenses; see our Financial Aid page for more information.

Instructional Fees

Enrollment fee*: $46 per unit

Nonresident fee: $265 per unit

Nonresident capital outlay fee: $60 per unit

International student application fee (nonrefundable): $50

Health fee: $21 fall or spring / $17 summer

Technology fee**: $10

Transportation fee*: 

  • $3 per unit, $36 maximum – fall or spring
  • $4.50 per unit, $18 maximum – summer

Noncredit Program: $5 per term

Student representation fee**: $2

Student activities fee**: $8

Fees for Other Services

Audit fee: $15 per unit

Credit by exam: $46 per unit

Document verification fee: $6

Parking permit fee: $42 fall or spring / $25 summer / $4 daily

Transcript fee (first two copies free): $6

Rush transcript fee (24-hour service): $15

Rush document/verification fee: $15

Refund service fee (for dropped classes): $10

The base transportation fee, charged to all students regardless of the number of units enrolled, is $5 per semester. This portion of the fee is nonrefundable. The remainder of the fee is calculated at the per-unit rate specified. This portion of the fee is refundable according to COM refund policies. The combined total of both the nonrefundable and refundable fee cannot exceed $36 per semester.

** Optional Fees
The technology fee supports the establishment, maintenance, and upgrades of student computer labs and continued software access, and is used exclusively for those purposes. The labs are not supported by any state or federal funds. $2 of the fee is loaded onto a Go Print card that can be obtained at the library. Students have the right to refuse to pay the fee for religious, political, moral, or financial reasons. Waivers for each optional fee must be submitted to the Cashiering Services Office by the term’s refund date, approximately two weeks after the start of full-term instruction. For late start courses or audit students, optional fee waivers must be submitted on the day of registration.

Enrollment Fee Waivers
The California College Promise Grant (CCPG) is a program provided by the State of California that waives enrollment fees for students who are residents of the state of California or meet the exemption criteria (AB 450) and meet one or more of the following criteria:
(1) Student or student’s family receives TANF, SSI, or General Assistance benefits.
(2) Income for 2017 was below the limits identified in 2019-20 income standards.
(3) Student files financial aid application and is determined eligible by the Enrollment Services Office.

All fees are non-refundable and subject to change without notice except as indicated.