Student Learning and Student Services

Our Mission

The Student Learning and Student Services Office at College of Marin exists to ensure delivery of a student-centered, quality education and learning environment, achieved through innovative, interdisciplinary, outcome-based methods that reflect and serve our local and global communities.

Our Goal

We are committed to providing academic excellence through collaboration, careful scheduling, and promotion and development of efficient and effective educational tools and methods.

Our Purpose

We serve the COM community as institutional leaders, to facilitate the learning process, to develop and make student goals attainable through technology, learning communities, project- and community-based learning, and other proven techniques in our ever-changing world. 

Our Values

We are committed to professionalism and excellence in service and quality and committed to lifelong learning, always with a focus on the student. We hold as our highest values: inquiry, collegiality, honesty and integrity, creativity and imagination, flexibility, responsiveness, and fiscal responsibility.