Events: Academic Calendar

Aug 16

Deadline to Submit Fall Prerequisite Equivalency

Deadline to submit Fall Semester prerequisite equivalency or challenge forms for priority processing prior to the start of classes.
Aug 16

Deadline to Pay-to-Stay for Fall Semester

The deadline applies to all students who enroll on or before August 16, 2022. 
Aug 21

California Residency Determination Date

Residency for in-state tuition purposes is generally one year + 1 day of presence in California prior to the start of the semester.
Aug 22

Fall Semester Weekday Classes Begin

First day of instruction for Fall Semester weekday classes.
Aug 26

Last Day to File a Petition to Return

Last day for dismissed students to file a Petition to Return for Fall Semester. Students must meet with a COM counselor and have updated SEP on file before the deadline. 
Aug 27

Fall Semester Saturday Classes Begin

First day of instruction for Fall Semester weekend classes.
Sep 5

Labor Day — Campuses Closed

Campuses Closed. No classes in observance of Labor Day
Sep 7

Last Day to Drop for Full Refund

Last day to drop full-term classes to qualify for a 100% refund of enrollment fees, nonresident, and international tuition. Dates vary for short-term classes.
Sep 11

Last Day to Add Online

Last day to add a full-term class for Fall Semester online through the MyCOM portal.
Sep 12

Fall AA-T and AS-T Applications

File application for AA-T and AS-T starting September 12 through September 30, 2022. Students must meet with a Counselor to fill out the application.