Conference, Training, and Travel Requests


Funding for faculty to attend conferences and other professional learning activities is available through the UPM/District Professional Affairs Committee (PAC). Information about how to request PAC funds is posted in the online faculty handbook on the PAC Information Page.

Classified Professional Development Funds

A limited amount of funding is available through Human Resources for job-related training and professional learning activities for classified staff. Funds are distributed during the fiscal year on a first-come, first-served basis in amounts up to $500 per person. Staff Development funds may be combined with other department or institutional funds to cover training, conferences or other professional learning activities approved by the classified staff member's supervisor or manager.

To request funds:

  • Fill out the Request for Classified Staff Development Funds and/or Travel form. Complete the form, sign, and have your supervisor sign.  Submit the form to the Professional Learning Committee Chair (Cara Kreit)  for approval.  This form is also in Adobe Sign under MyCOM.
  • The Professional Learning Committee (PLC) and PLC Chair will review and approve requests and forward the request to Budget Manager.
  • If funding is available, the approved form will be returned to the classified staff member along with a memo that will explain how to be reimbursed for approved expenses.

Employee/Retiree Fee Waiver

Procedures for College Payment of Employee/Retiree Fees

The purpose of the program is to promote staff development and opportunities for continued education while at the same time maximizing class productivity/income. 

  • The program will be available to any permanent full-time, part-time, or retiree of the District. 
  • Eligible classes will include Credit courses only.  
  • It is understood that employees will attend classes only during normal off-duty periods. Any exceptions must be in accordance with union contract provisions and a note, indicating immediate supervisor's approval, must be attached to the Application for Employee/Retiree Class Fee Payment.  
  • A Credit Application for Admission must also be completed if the employee has not been enrolled in the past 12 months. Employees/Retirees follow the same steps for enrollment as regular students.  
  • Prior to Census Date, the employee must submit an Application for Employee/Retiree Class Fee Payment form to Enrollment Services. 
  • The program will include college payment of the current per unit enrollment fee and a waiver of the student representation fee and health fee. Employee students will be responsible for any materials fees plus the cost of books and supplies. (Non-resident tuition will not be paid.) 
  • Employee students are subject to the same academic standards, rules, and regulations affecting all other students at the college.  
  • An employee student granted College payment in any one semester will not be eligible for the College payment or the waivers in the following semester if the employee student fails to successfully complete the class (if the program is offered again).  
  • If an employee is granted College payment and waivers for any one semester and wishes to reapply for the following semester, they should register, and once the grades for the previous semester are in, the College will verify successful completion of the course(s).