COM Card / Student ID

About Your COM Card / Student ID

All College of Marin credit/noncredit students have unlimited access to local Marin Transit buses, including a faster, direct route to both campuses, with their valid COM Card. 

How to Get Your COM Card / Student ID

Pick up your COM Card and validation sticker at the Outreach Office located on the Kentfield Campus, Student Services Center, second floor. You must bring a valid, government-issued photo identification card to obtain a new card, and have your photo taken for your COM Card.

Validation Sticker

A current validation sticker is necessary to get free access to local transit services. A new validation sticker will be available to enrolled students that have paid the transportation fee.

Validation Stickers are available at Cashiering Services:

Fall semester (FALL/WTR sticker): beginning of August – end of January
Spring semester (SPR/SUM sticker): beginning of January – end of August

How To Use Your COM Card

Show your COM Card, with a valid sticker, to the driver when you board any Marin Transit bus. COM Cards are valid for travel within Marin County on Marin Transit services only and are NOT accepted on Golden Gate Transit regional or commuter buses or ferries.

Lost or Stolen COM Cards

If your COM Card is lost, stolen or damaged, you will need to pay a $36 replacement processing fee at the Cashiering Services Office. Before proceeding to the Cashiering Services Office, you should confirm your COM Card hasn't been turned in to the COM Police Department. Remember to bring valid, government-issued photo identification with you.

COM Card Rules

  • A COM Card is valid only for the person identified.
  • COM Cards are not transferable or refundable and will be revoked if used by anyone else.
  • Your COM Card must be validated for each trip by showing the bus operator your card with a valid sticker each time you board the bus.
  • Your COM Card with valid sticker must be presented to Marin Transit personnel for inspection upon request.
  • Do not sell, reproduce, share, or give away your COM Card.
  • Misuse of your COM Card is a violation of the Student Code of Conduct.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why Are College of Marin Students Getting Free Transit Access?
    In the spring semester of 2015, COM students voted, with a 72 percent approval rate, to have the Board of Trustees of the Marin Community College District approve a policy to require all College of Marin students enrolled in one or more units of credit or non-credit instruction, during fall, spring, or summer semesters, to pay a transportation fee. This fee provides all College of Marin students access to free local bus transportation via Marin Transit during their enrollment period. In addition to free access to all current transit services, better service to College of Marin is now available and included with the pass. Service enhancements include a new direct shuttle from the Kentfield campus to the San Rafael Transit Center in Downtown San Rafael and a limited express shuttle between the Kentfield Campus and the Indian Valley Campus on school days.
  • I don’t plan to use my COM Card to ride the bus. Can I get a refund?
    No. Free access to Marin Transit with a COM Card is a group benefit and the cost is distributed among all College of Marin students.
  • Can I give my COM Card to a friend to use or can I sell it to someone else?
    No. A COM Card is valid only for the currently registered and qualified student. Do not sell, reproduce, share, or give away your COM Card or validation sticker. Misuse of your COM Card is a violation in the Student Code of Conduct.
  • I am not a registered College of Marin student. Can I buy a COM Card to get free access to Marin Transit?
    No. Free access to Marin Transit with a COM Card is a group benefit offered only to currently registered College of Marin students. It is not available to the general public. Click here to learn more about Marin Transit bus program and schedules.


Electronic Photo Submission for COM Card

Save yourself time with the convenient option to submit your photo electronically. Follow the instructions and submission requirements below:


  • Recent COLOR photo of head and shoulders ONLY – Typically this is a photo taken from 3-5 feet away
  • No other visible people or objects
  • The photo was taken in good lighting with no shadows or bright spots
  • Face and shoulders forward and centered – no sunglasses, hats, or any other article that obstructs the face and hair
  • Wear visible clothing, contrasting to white, blue, or dark background
  • Background must be solid white, blue, or dark color only – NO textures, patterns, natural wood, etc.
  • The orientation of photo forward and level, no head tilts or taken from above, i.e., my space angle.  Social media profile pictures should not be submitted
  • Size NO larger than 400 KB and approximately 500 x 500 pixels
  • Save as a .JPG

Photos including any of the following will not be allowed and will be rejected:

  • Someone other than yourself, (animal, baby, parents, inanimate object)
  • Sunglasses or hats
  • Tilted heads, selfies, and glamour shots
  • Comical photos or photos with gestures
  • Backgrounds that are not plain/solid white or dark color
  • Group photos
  • Low-quality or dark or too light images

Email a .jpg file no larger than 400KB to Include your name, M00 number, and campus where you will be picking up your ID card. Look for the email response from indicating the status of your COM card before proceeding to the Cashiering Services Office.

Important: Please remember to bring your valid government-issued photo identification card to obtain your new COM Card. (Either U.S. driver’s license issued by DMV, Security/ U.S. permanent resident card, passport book or U.S. military identification card.)Disclaimer: The photos are exclusively for COM Card printing use and will not be used in any other publication without the student’s permission.