Board of Trustees

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The Board of Trustees of College of Marin consists of seven voting members who are chosen at large on a nonpartisan basis in public elections held in odd-numbered years. These members serve four-year terms which are staggered. A non-voting student member of the Board is elected by the student body for a one-year term. The Board of Trustees, composed of community representatives and responsible to the public, has the authority to appoint the Superintendent/President and other administrative personnel, faculty members, and members of the Board in the case of vacancies.



Diana Conti, President
Term: 2009/2017

Eva Long, Ph.D., Vice President
Term: 1999/2019

Philip Kranenburg, Clerk
Term: 2003/2019

Stuart Tanenberg, Trustee
Term: 2014/2019

Wanden P. Treanor, Trustee
Term: 1996/2017

Stephanie O’Brien, Trustee
Term: 2011/2019

Brady Bevis, Trustee
Term: 2013/2017

Darlene Baten, Student Trustee
Term: 2016/2017