Classified Professional Learning Day

Community, Equity, Inclusion, Accessibility

Wednesday, March 20, 2024
9 am — 3 pm
Kentfield Campus

This is an all-play (mandatory) event for classified professionals. For more details and to register for your sessions, visit the ProLearning Workshop Calendar. Spanish interpreters will be available. [en español]

OPENING SESSION: 8:30 am — 10:20 am / Cafeteria, Student Services Center


Program Descriptions


8.30 am – 9 am
MEET AND GREET – Coffee, tea, and light breakfast
9 am – 10:20 am
Welcome and Opening Session

Dr. Jonathan Eldridge
Classified Senate
Professional Learning Committee

BREAKOUT SESSION I: 10:30 am - 11:50 am

(Choose one of the following within Breakout Session I to attend)


Program Descriptions


SMN 130
Tech 101 Genius Bar & Accessibility 

Need help updating your passwords? Navigating between OneDrive and Teams? What tech/software questions do you have that you've always been afraid to ask? Please bring your questions to this interactive session and get help from the IT Department to answer them.  Also, come learn from Student Accessibility Services how to improve your tech practices around accessibility; feel free to bring materials you'd like help making more accessible, too!

Session Outcomes
  • Successfully navigate technology needs for individual professional duties at the College.
  • Improve the accessibility of documents, websites, and other materials.

Matthew Howard
Elle Dimopoulos
Dong Nguyen
Burton Schane

AC 255
Consider Your Impact: Gain Valuable Insight into How Classified Professionals Impact the Student Experience

Join us to hear firsthand from a student panel about the impact YOU as classified professionals make on students' college experiences and educational journeys.

Session Outcomes
  • Understand the impact that classified professionals have on students.
  • Reflect on ways to facilitate/initiate positive interactions with students.

Nequeshe Dyer
Malaika Smith

AC 241
Basic Needs Resources for Students and YOU

The COM community supports student needs, and it is time we also take into consideration COM employees' well-being as well! Join this session to learn what county resources are available for students and for staff to help with basic needs.

Session Outcomes
  • Connect staff to support services.
  • Check-in with the well-being of staff.
  • Extend basic needs resources to staff.
  • Learn how to locate county services.

Presentation Slides

Lia Lara
Sadika Sulaiman Hara

LUNCH: 11:50 am — 12:35 pm / Cafeteria, Student Services Center

POST-LUNCH SESSION: 12:45 pm — 1:30 pm / Community Care Activities / Optional

Post-lunch sessions are optional and open to everyone, and while some have physical activity, participants should feel welcome to move at a pace most comfortable to them. Please reach out to the presenters ahead of the session if there are any accessibility needs.


Program Descriptions


AC 246
Achieving Financial Wellness

Learn the fundamentals of financial wellness to spend less than you earn and manage your finances for both your short and long term future.

Jeff Isley
Financial Advisor, Corebridge Financial

Outdoor Patio
Student Services Center
Spring Twig Wreath-making

Drop by and get creative using twigs and foliage from the COM Organic Farm to make a simple and beautiful spring wreath.

Mary Kesler

SS 146
Gentle Chair Yoga for Strength, Flexibility, and Well-Being

Chair yoga is a gentle practice that involves performing yoga postures with the aid of a chair. Great for people of all abilities who may find traditional yoga challenging, chair yoga provides an opportunity to engage in yoga without putting pressure on joints or requiring complex movements. In this session, we will begin by using breath to come fully into our bodies, then move through some gentle chair yoga poses and finish with a brief meditation. Consider wearing comfortable clothing.

Session Outcomes
  • Learn gentle ways to de-stress and relax your body and mind.
  • Learn practices you can take with you to your home or office.
  • Yoga improves quality of life by increasing flexibility, strength, balance, and sleep.
Maridel Barr
Meet at the bridge outside of the SMN building.
Wellness Walk

Join your fellow Classified Professionals for a short walk down the creek path before the afternoon sessions. Wear comfortable shoes and clothing. This session is open to everyone, and while it has some physical activity, participants should feel welcome to move at a pace most comfortable to them. (Weather-permitting)

Lauren Amundson

BREAKOUT SESSION II: 1:40 pm - 3 pm

(Choose one of the following within Session II to attend)


Program Descriptions


AC 255
Emergency Preparedness

In this updated emergency preparedness session, participants will review general campus safety information, how and when to contact campus police, the COM Emergency Handbook guidelines, and what to do in various emergency and disaster situations. The session will also include a review of Covid protocols, Fentanyl overdose / NARCAN response, and AED (automated external defibrillator) use. Question and answer time will be provided as well.

Session Outcomes
  • Employees will be able to feel prepared to more effectively navigate disasters, emergency situations, and health situations.

Dustin Ruiz
Suad Vila

AC 245
"What is Your Why" and Career Advancement Preparation

Join this updated career advancement preparation session, with a specific focus on how to connect "what is your why" to career advancement. In this workshop, participants will learn more about how to move in the direction of their true interest/passion through resume writing, cover letters and interview skills. Participants can bring their most recent resume and cover letter (whatever condition they are in—no judgment!) and/or collaborate with others. Facilitators will provide insights that all applicants should know going into a hiring process to pursue their true career interest.

Session Outcomes
  • Participants will gain an understanding of the interconnected ways cover letters, resumes, and interview preparation can highlight their experience/qualifications.
  • Participants will gain an understanding of how to connect their materials to the specific position they are seeking.
  • Participants will leave with tangible language/feedback to incorporate into their resume, cover letter, and other materials.

Jonathan Eldridge

Nekoda Harris

AC 240
The Other Story: Navigating Crisis and Conflict Through Inquiry, Empathy, and Care

Communication and relationships are at the heart of our student-centered work. Regardless of position, each individual plays an integral role in creating a welcoming and inclusive campus community with opportunities to transform life experiences for students and employees. Environments and human interaction can also present complexities, making it difficult to know how best to engage, resolve conflict, or manage crisis in the moment. This interactive conversation will provide an opportunity to explore how we can change ourselves, others, and the experience, even in the most difficult of times — through compassion, care, inquiry, and appreciation.

Session Outcomes
  • Explore elements of conflict resolution.
  • Invite opportunities toward greater compassion for ourselves and others.
  • Discuss case examples of conflict in the workplace and scenarios to support growth and resolution.
  • Engage in a brief practice of loving-kindness meditation.

Stormy Miller Sabia

RECONVENING AND REFRESHMENTS: 3 pm — 3:30 pm / Optional


Program Descriptions


Student Services Center

Join the Classified Senate for hot chocolate, coffee, and treats to wrap up Classified Professional Learning Day.

Classified Senate

WELLNESS SESSION: 3:30 pm — 4:30 pm / Optional


Program Descriptions


PE 60

Pilates is a form of movement that focuses on core stability, strength and endurance. We will use a Pilates ball and circle which are Pilates props to help engage the deep core muscles. Please wear comfortable clothes that you can move in. We will be on the floor on a mat the entire session.

Michele Vaughn