FLEX Hours and Remote Instruction

March 31st, 2020 - 3:22pm

Dear Faculty,

UPM and the District have agreed that your work and time transitioning to remote instruction should count as FLEX hours, and both would like your help understanding the number of hours it's taken faculty collectively to make this transition.

To record these FLEX hours, log in to ProLearning and log hours as "External Trainings" with COVID-19 in the title or description. Screenshot of Steps

  • Hover on the dropdown "Learning" menu and select "My Transcript" from the ProLearning homepage.
  • Look on the right side of "My Transcript" to find the 3 dots ... and input your activities there. Please include COVID-19 in either the title or description.
  • Don't forget to sign that you completed the hours under "My Transcript."

What counts for FLEX hours? According to state guidelines, "Modifying an existing course to comply with changing institutional or discipline requirements" and "Improving or learning how to deal with computers and technology."

If you are mentoring other faculty, give yourself double FLEX credit in the "External Training."

Find resources to support online instruction at COM's Faculty Guide for Providing Instructional Continuity and the ProLearning homepage.

Note: Your attendance at many group training sessions and transition meetings are inputted by the facilitators or system admins. Check My Transcript in ProLearning.

Questions? Email Cara Kreit or Connie Siegenthaler and we are happy to help.