Puente Project Mentoring

Program Mentoring

Over the years, thousands of professionals: judges, doctors, teachers, entrepreneurs, and civic leaders have taken time from their busy schedules to serve as volunteer mentors to Puente students in programs across the state.

What do Puente Mentors do?

  • Commit to mentor a student for 1 academic year (2 semesters).
  • Meet with the student at least three times a semester.
  • Contact the student at least once a month to help maintain a relationship.
  • Help the student with mentor-related classroom assignments.
  • Acquaint the student with their own educational and career background and professional expertise.
  • Serve as a positive role model and encourage the achievement of higher education.
  • Support their fellow mentors by sharing their mentor experiences.
  • Participate in mentor-related Puente Project activities

How to become a Puente Mentor?

Download, complete, and submit the following forms:
Puente Project Mentor Agreement Form
Puente Project Mentor Profile Form

Email a self-portrait (JPEG image) to puente@marin.edu.

From Our Mentors

Mentoring a Puente student is truly one of those opportunities where both the student and the mentor benefit greatly. I have met some of the most inspiring young people through this program, and marvel at their determination, resourcefulness, and heart.  Having an adult ally is an important contributing factor in a student's success and the Puente Program puts interested community members together with this great group of students.
– Anna Pilloton

Puente students, staff, and mentors exemplify the best in inclusive and equitable educational opportunity. Puente instructors and counselors help students navigate college course work and mentors share experiences that help Puenteistas create a realistic college vision plan. Best of all it works! 
– Jose Varela