Active Killer Response Training

March 16th, 2018 - 10:05am

Active Killer PosterMarin Community College Police Department Present Active Killer Training

It is difficult to escape disturbing worldwide news about acts of terrorism and indiscriminate killing of innocent people. While the likelihood of these events occurring in any particular community is rare, the growing risk of an active shooter or similar emergency reaching one of our campuses is an issue that can be addressed through preparation and training.
This one-hour class will teach you what to expect and how to prepare for an active killer emergency.

  • Tactics and Strategies

  • Run, hide, fight

  • Improvised weapons

These responses, and others covered in the class, will help you establish the highest level of safety for yourself, co-workers, and students. No one can afford to think that it can’t happen at College of Marin.

Wednesday, March 28

12:30 p.m. - 1:30 p.m.
Student Services Center, cafeteria
Kentfield Campus