Community Benefits

Umoja Community Events

Year-long events and opportunities are available to Umoja students, including: 

  • Twice weekly free breakfasts
  • Cultural and social events (bowling, barbeques, and karaoke nights, sporting events, films)
  • Speakers series on mental wellness
  • Holiday celebrations
  • Graduation ceremonies
  • Campus field trips
  • Leadership and STEM conferences
  • Annual Umoja conferences

Umoja Scholarships

All College of Marin Umoja students receive a scholarship upon graduation. Campus-wide scholarships can be found on the student resources page.

Umoja Village

Exclusive use of the Umoja Village on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Umoja students are welcome in the Village anytime – including the hours shared with the tutoring center. In the Umoja Village students enjoy access to computers, printing, study areas, coffee, snacks, study areas, and lounge areas. In addition to building community with their Umoja peers, students can connect with supportive Umoja faculty and receive specialized tutoring.

Umoja-Supported Classes

College of Marin’s Umoja Program offers students two Umoja-Supported classes: Humanities 101 and Career Life Skills Planning. These linked courses offer students the opportunity to learn in community with their Umoja peers taught by a culturally responsive Umoja faculty member. Enrollment in these courses is not a requirement for participation in the program.

Woman to Woman

W2W gives Umoja women an opportunity to share their stories and problems with each other in a safe-brave place.  Visit the W2W page for information on meeting times.

Transfer Pathways and HBCU Agreements

The Umoja Program offers academic counseling, transfer pathways to California State University campuses (CSUs) and University of California campuses, and guaranteed transfer to over 30 Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBUs). Talk to complete your educational and transfer plan!

Umoja’s Annual Fundraiser

COM’s Umoja hosts a large annual Black History Month fundraising event on campus. Umoja students participate in organizing and event planning and engage with speakers in a special Umoja-only forum. Past speakers include Erika Huggins and Angela Davis. All proceeds go directly to Umoja student scholarships.

Past Events

2019-2020 Academic Year
  • Welcome BBQ at McNears Beach
  • Dr. Kevin Cokley Lecture on The Psychological Impact of Racism and the Imposter Phenomenon on Mental Health (Equity in Mental Health Series)
2018-2019 Academic Year
  • Angela Davis at the College of Marin - Hosted by Umoja, Woman’s History Month
  • Black History Month Student Presentation
  • Umoja Conference XIV Riverside
  • Umoja STEM Conference
  • Umoja Bowling Night
  • Umoja Karaoke Night
Pre- 2018
  • Ericka Huggins at the College of Marin – Hosted by Umoja, Black History Month