Explore Sustainability at COM

College of Marin (COM) is committed to campus sustainability efforts and inspiring change in students, faculty, and staff. Through collective efforts and individual action, COM believes that we can all help to combat climate change and be better caretakers of our precious environmental and campus resources.

The driven efforts of the college over the past decade make COM stand out as an exceptionally green organization, receiving a nomination for the Joe Garbarino Green Business Award in 2018. The College is also a recipient of multiple measures to renovate the Kentfield and Indian Valley Campuses with LEED-certified buildings. COM has installed solar arrays and is preparing to install electric vehicle (EV) charging stations to further reduce the environmental impact of the campus.

At COM, exceptional educational spaces designed to facilitate hands-on learning about sustainability meet a powerful commitment to educating students about the health of the earth and its resources. The goal of the college is for students to become active stewards of Marin and the North Bay.

Partnerships with SunPower, Energize Colleges, and community organizations such as Marin 350.org and the Cultural Conservancy support student engagement in sustainability by educating them about specific aspects of sustainability such as social justice and green energy.

Through supportive educational facilities and engaging student development measures, the faculty of California community colleges and universities excel in providing exciting experiences in sustainability, from the classroom to the world at large, that students can take with them into the next steps of their lives.

Get Involved

There are many things we can do to improve the quality of our environment, both at home in Marin and globally. To learn more about how to take action on campus to join a club, participate in environmental events and activities, take a course related to sustainability, and support the Zero Waste Initiative through recycling and reducing your use to resources like energy and water.