Past Exhibitions

Mileage: Beryl Miller and Bonnie Ruder

September 30 — October 24, 2019

Fine Arts Department Faculty Exhibit

August 19 — September 5, 2019

COM Fine Arts Department Annual Student Show

April 29 — May 16, 2019


Retrospective 1920 — 2018

June 17 — July 3, 2019
Art Was Her Life

Bronze, painting, ceramics, and drawings from the artist’s studio.


Rick Hall and Emily Lazarre

April 1—25, 2019

Sixteen Tons: Lauren Barton

November 5 — December 7, 2018


A Case for the Figure:

Work by Current and Former COM Students
Curated by Suzanne

January 22 – February 8, 2018


Messages: Material Matters

Curated by Carole Beadle
Artists: George-Ann Bowers, Dixie Brown, Susan Doyle, Cynthia Jensen, Katie Richardson, Roz Ritter

November 13 – December 7, 2017


in conversation

Lucie Noel Thune and Hadi Tabatabai

October 2 – 27, 2017


Fall 2017 Fine Arts Department Faculty Exhibit

August 21 – September 14, 2017

Featuring art by:
Chester Arnold, Carole Beadle, Nate Castillo, Michael Chaille, Lisa D'Agostino, Elisabeth Doermann, Jason Dunn, Georgia Goldberg, Patricia Hulin, Suzanne Lacke, Carol Lefkowitz, Jack Scott, Katrina Wagner, Chris West, Al Widenhofer, Logan Wood


2017 Student Show

May 1 – 18, 2017


The Artist Within: A Cedars Collection

Andy Buchwald, Harold Boxer, Kristen Barter, Tony Hyde, Glenna Cooper, Jeff Haines, Samantha Bowers

March 10 – April 6, 2017

Curated by Rebecca Simoneaux 

As one of California’s original programs for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, Cedars has provided services to over 2,500 individuals and their families since 1919. The organization has consistently been a leader in the field, pioneering the creation of programs in education and work training. Innovative services and programs honor and respect each individual and support a full life for everyone at Cedars. 

The artists represented in this exhibit work at Cedars, where they express their creativity and develop their own professional art skills. Artists in this program receive guidance and mentoring from professional artists in the fields of fine art, expressive art, music, and jewelry making. 

Artists in the Cedars art programs are encouraged to explore art creation through various media to produce pencil sketches, abstract paintings, portraits, jewelry, dyed fabric, three-dimensional sculpture, and more. 

The artists here are professionals and create gallery-ready portfolios for participation in Bay Area exhibitions and juried shows throughout California. 

Artists also sell and demonstrate their works at Artist Within - a Cedars Gallery located in downtown San Anselmo.

June Yokell

January 23 – February 23, 2017

Under the Tree, by June Yokell


POINTS. James Sterling Pitt

November 14 — December 16, 2016

James Sterling Pitt


George Demont Otis: American Impressionist

October 1 — 27, 2016

George Demont Otis


Fine Arts Department Faculty Exhibit 2016

August 22 – September 8, 2016

Faculty Exhibit 2014

Contemporary Photography: A Survey

February 16 — March 10, 2016

Contemporary photography
Photo: Christopher Woodcock

Robert Ellison Maquettes

November 23, 2015 — January 28, 2016

Robert Ellison Maquettes

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Paul Harris: Some Works

October 5, 2015 — November 5, 2015

Paul Harris: Some Works

2015 Fine Arts Department Faculty Exhibit

August 17, 2015 — September 17, 2015

Faculty Exhibit

Participating Faculty:
Chester Arnold, Carol Beadle, Tron Bykle , Nate Castillo, Jason Dunn, Lisa D'Agostino, Elisabeth Doermann
Patricia Hulin, Suzanne Lacke, Carol Lefkowitz , Heather Murray, Barbara Obata, Jack Scott, Polly Steinmetz
Christopher West, Al Widenhofer, Logan Wood , Brian Young

2015 Juried Student Show

April 27, 2015 — May 14, 2015

2015 Juried Student Show

Willard Dixon: Portraits

December 8, 2014 — January 29, 2015

Willard Dixon: Portraits

Robert Brady: Selected Works

November 3–26, 2014

Robert Brady: Selected Works

Squeak Carnwath: Works on Paper 1979 – 2013

September 22 to October 16, 2014

Squeak Carnwath's paintings

Fine Arts Department Faculty Exhibit 2014

Faculty Exhibit 2014

Participating Artists:
Bill Abright, Chester Arnold, Duane Aten, Carole Beadle, Tron Bykle, Nate Castillo, Michael Chaille, Lisa D'Agostino
Jason Dunn, Georgia Goldberg, Patricia Hulin, Suzanne Lacke, Carol Lefkowitz, Heather Murray, Jack Scott
Polly Steinmetz, Katrina Wagner, Al Widenhofer, Christopher West, Logan Wood, Brian Young

Alexander Levin (1961-2013)

Alexander Levin Art Exhibition

Alumni Exhibit Celebrates the Work of Four Emerging Artists

The alumni artists—Barbara Obata, Mary Huntsman, Evan Hobart, and Malena Lopez-Maggi—all studied art at the College and return at different places in their professional careers.

Obata, who combines sculpture and performance into a hybrid drawing practice that explores and celebrates the power of mark making, earned a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy from St. John’s College in Santa Fe, NM, and a master’s degree in Fine Arts from Mills College in Oakland.

Huntsman, who has a bachelor’s degree in Biology from UC Berkeley and later studied sculpture with Carole Beadle at College of Marin, uses traditional and modern materials and techniques to express ideas of sanctuary, strength, fragility and journeys. Imagery often reflects her biology background.

Hobart draws inspiration for his work in ceramics from the surrounding environment and a desire to create narrative, thought provoking works. He earned a bachelor’s degree in Studio Art from Humboldt State University and a master’s degree in Spatial Art from San Jose State University where he also taught ceramics. He is a teacher and artist in residence at the Mendocino Art Center.

Lopez-Maggi is a graduate student at Mills College where she earned a bachelor’s degree in Studio Arts. She works with multiple mediums and is most intrigued by the intersection of art with other disciplines and the materiality of light and color.

Agathe Bennich – Selected Works

Agathe Bennich Selected Works

The Intimate Diebenkorn: Works on Paper 1949–1992

The Intimate Diebenkorn: Works on Paper 1949-1992

Read more about the exhibit of Richard Diebenkorn’s work titled The Intimate Diebenkorn: Works of Paper 1948-1992.

Fine Arts Department Faculty Exhibition 2013

Faculty Exhibition 2013
The faculty show held in the newly remodeled Fine Arts Gallery at the Kentfield Campus. The exhibition showcased the many art disciplines taught at the College. Fine Arts faculty members include Chester Arnold, Bill Abright, Katrina Wagner, Rick Hall, Polly Steinmetz, Carol Lefkowitz, Carole Beadle, Tron Bykle, Christopher West, Suzanne Lacke, Jack Scott, Logan Wood, Michael Chaille, Merav Tzur, Jason Dunn, Hwei-Li Tsao, Georgia Goldberg, Allan Widenhofer, Heather Wilcoxon, and Nate Castillo.

Rubbings – Drawing on the Past

By Bill Abright

This is a retrospective show of 15 large format drawings from two periods of concentrated work in 1990 and 2005 by College of Marin Fine Arts Professor Bill Abright. The exhibition title is “Rubbings- Drawing on the Past” and refers to Bill's method of starting the drawing by rubbing a graphite stick over the worn plywood texture of his studio floor.

Rubbings by Bill Abright

Bill Abright Artist Statement

The twist of an individual’s imagination is one trait that accounts for our different perceptions of reality. As a child I would fall asleep seeing faces in the wood grain wallpaper of my bedroom. Throughout my education artists who were unique in their approach to creating unusual and somewhat dark work inspired me. From the writings of Edger Allen Poe to early monster movies, I have always been interested in the things of Art and life that are mysterious and unusual. Hieronymus Bosch’s Garden of Earthly Delights and Giuseppe Arcimboldo’s inventive portraits, Leonardo da Vinci’s grotesque faces and the bold expressions of Francisco Goya made it clear to me that “Art” does not have to be tame stuff. I was attracted to the surrealist Max Ernst for his use of Frottage (rubbings), Salvadore Dali for his melting atmospheric landscapes and to Francis Bacon, for his gutsy emotionally twisted portraits. In college I became interested in psychology, the Rorschach inkblot test, caves, and Maurits Escher’s reversals of space and form.

For the last 38 years, I have been teaching Art and producing ceramic sculpture in an abstracted figurative style. As a respite from my clay work, I have periodically returned to my roots in drawing.

This retrospective exhibition represents two periods in which I have concentrated exclusively on drawing, 1990 and 2005.