Statement on Murder of Tyre Nichols

January 30th, 2023 - 10:44am

Message emailed to College of Marin Students and Employees on January 30, 2023

COM Police Seal

College Community,

The brutal murder of Tyre Nichols is unconscionable and criminal. I watched the actions of Memphis police officers in the video that was released Friday evening with horror and disgust. Aside from the assault, I did not see any officers intervene and stop the assault of Tyre, nor did I see medical care prioritized. The atrocious acts inflicted upon Tyre do not reflect the values of professional police officers. The College of Marin Police Department strongly condemns this behavior. Police Officers are those who are called upon in times of need and should never be the ones committing heinous crimes.

My condolences go out to the family and friends of Tyre Nichols, I cannot imagine what they are going through at this time. Some guilty parties have been terminated, and I expect all guilty parties will be held accountable within the criminal justice system. This behavior impacts the trust of the entire community. This incident also impacts the countless officers who uphold their oath every day to protect the communities they serve.

We must continue to support one another through tough times like these, build relationships, and expose those who endanger our public safety. Our hearts go out to those suffering from this incident and we join in our communities need for healing.

Jeff Marozick
Chief of Police
College of Marin Police Department

Marin County Police Chiefs Association Statement