Important Update for International Students

July 14th, 2020 - 12:14am

Dear International Students,

SEVP/SEVIS has rescinded (reversed) their recent (7/6/20) guidance about online classes for F1 International students. This action is due, in large part, to the condemnation of these guidelines received from colleges and universities nationwide.

We are awaiting specific information from SEVP/SEVIS, however, early indications are that the same guidance colleges and universities followed during spring semester 2020 will be upheld for fall semester 2020. You will still need to maintain at least 12 credit units to maintain your status, but there will likely be no restrictions regarding online enrollment.

We are pleased to deliver this good news and we are awaiting official notification from SEVP/SEVIS in the event that they will share any further specifics for fall semester 2020. Please stand by for further clarification.


Jon Horinek
Dean of Enrollment Services

Carol Hildebrand
Director of Community Education, Lifelong Learning, and International Education