COM's Monarch Butterfly Habitat Inaugurated

July 18th, 2023 - 12:38pm

During the spring semester, College of Marin (COM) proudly celebrated the inauguration of its first Monarch Butterfly Habitat—an endeavor that holds immense significance for both environmental conservation and community engagement. Led by Biology Instructor Fernando Agudelo Silva on April 19, 2023, the ceremony included the official inauguration delivered by Superintendent/President Dr. David Wain Coon and acknowledgment of those who brought the idea to life.

“This project was made possible through the work of Biology 112B students; COM’s Sustainability Club; the Facilities Planning, Maintenance, and Operations Department, Grounds Division, College administrators; the Gold Ridge Resource Conservation District; National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, and Salmon Protection and Watershed Network (SPAWN),” said Agudelo-Silva.

President of COM’s Sustainability Club Isabel Duque spoke about the importance of establishing the habitat and COM Trustee Paul da Silva talked about some the different species that had been planted and how they enhance biodiversity in the county.

The Importance of a Monarch Butterfly Habitat

Establishing a Monarch Butterfly Habitat at College of Marin was driven by a deep appreciation for the extraordinary journey and ecological role of the monarch butterfly. These insects undertake one of the most remarkable migrations in the insect world, embarking on a multigenerational voyage spanning thousands of miles. Unlike other butterflies, the monarchs demonstrate an unparalleled ability to navigate and complete a two-way migration.

Sadly, the monarch butterfly population has experienced a dramatic decline, with a staggering 99% decrease in numbers at California's overwintering sites during the 2020-21 season. This alarming decline has raised concerns about the species' survival and underscores the urgent need for conservation efforts.

Collaborative Conservation Efforts

Throughout the county, various organizations and initiatives are dedicated to monarch conservation and COM joins these efforts to address this critical issue. These collaborations are based on the recognition that collective efforts are essential to ensure the long-term survival of this iconic butterfly species.

Local organizations such as the Marin Master Gardeners, Marin Monarch Movement, One Tam, and Marin Audubon Society share their expertise and guidance as they lead projects and invite community participation in monarch butterfly conservation, promoting a collective sense of responsibility for conserving monarchs. COM adds to this network by actively increasing habitats for monarch butterflies.

Space to Decompress

Additionally, environments connected to natural cycles, such as the Monarch Butterfly Habitat at COM, can affect mental health positively. The College wants the habitat to be a place for monarch butterflies, but also a safe and welcoming space for students to take a break from their studies and find comfort in nature's beauty. Studies show that spending time outdoors can make us feel better, reducing stress and improving our mood. COM’s Monarch Butterfly Habitat creates a peaceful environment that serves as a quiet retreat for relaxation and solace.

Expanding Conservation Efforts and Community Engagement

The inauguration of COM's Monarch Butterfly Habitat marks a significant achievement within environmental conservation and community engagement. It represents another step toward the College’s broader conservation goals. It also recognizes the vital role monarch butterflies play in our ecosystems and celebrates their cultural significance, serving as a powerful symbol of unity and sustainability.