A comprehensive dual-enrollment partnership between students, parents, high schools, and College of Marin

COMPASS (College of Marin Providing Access and Supporting Success) is COM’s primary tool in its efforts to end educational inequity in Marin County, and is the result of extensive planning with the Marin County Office of Education, high schools in the county,  and several community-based partners. It is a partnership between students, families, high schools, and College of Marin, which begins in the 9th grade. Families should be active participants and will be supported and guided through the college selection and financial aid processes. COMPASS engages families by providing an in-depth understanding of college expectations and opportunities, and a strong connection to college. 

Our Vision 

To increase the college readiness of participating students and contribute to their academic success in high school and beyond, predicated on the belief that college is an inevitability, not just a possibility. 

Program Goals 

Students will graduate from high school college-ready, with a deep understanding of the expectations of a successful college student, 12+ units of transferrable college credit, and free attendance for the two years if they attend COM. They will also have formed connections with other college-motivated peers, an important driver of student success. 

  • Increase high school students’ preparation for college 
  • Provide an incentive for COMPASS completion with the promise of completed college credit before high school graduation, internships, scholarships, and some form of work-study experience upon graduation  
  • Increase enrollment, retention, and success rates of high school students in College of Marin course offerings 

​An Academic Excellence Collaboration


College of Marin
Marin Promise Partnership
Novato High School



Tamalpais High School
San Marin High School
Terra Linda High School
San Rafael High School