Symptom Screening Required for Campus Access

August 25th, 2020 - 6:16pm

Dear Colleagues,

The new academic year is underway, and although we hoped to be back in-person, we continue to work and teach remotely for the most part. Thank you for your patience and understanding while we updated the Symptom Screening process employees, students, and others use when they need to come on campus.

To help maintain the health of our campus community, College of Marin requires that anyone coming on campus complete the Symptom Screening no earlier than 12 hours prior to each visit to campus. Based on daily results, you will be cleared to come to campus or given further instructions. Please read all of this email for important information.

Employees no longer have to fill out the Employee On Campus During Closure form in addition to completing the Symptom Screening. Now you only have to complete the Symptom Screening—it’s been updated so you can add the areas you’ll be visiting. One link, one form, no earlier than 12 hours before each visit to campus.

Symptom Screening

Do not come to campus if you are:

  • currently experiencing symptoms related to COVID-19;
  • have had exposure or contact with a COVID-19 positive person; or
  • tested positive yourself.

If you are ill or are not feeling well you should stay home and contact your health care provider.

You must wear a facial covering that is acceptable for COVID-19 prevention.

  • An acceptable face covering is one that: Fits snugly against the face, covers an individual’s nose and mouth, and is secured under the chin.
  • Examples of face coverings that are not acceptable: Those with holes in the covering, including exhalation valves mesh or lace fabrics; those that cannot be secured under the chin, including bandanas and face shields (worn on their own); neck gaiters (also called multi-bands).
  • Face shields may be worn in addition to, but NOT in place of, face coverings.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Symptom Screening

What is the link (url) for the Symptom Screening, in case I need to share it with others?

Where can I find the Symptom Screening online?
On the College of Marin home page,

Is the Symptom Screening available in Spanish?
We are developing the Spanish version, and it will be available soon through the same link.

Do I have to complete the Symptom Screening if I am on campus for a scheduled in-person class, or as part of my regular work schedule?
Yes. To better protect the campus community, all students, employees, and other visitors must complete the Symptom Screening before entering campus for each visit.

May I complete the Symptom Screening after I get to campus?
To better protect the campus community, all employees, students, and other visitors should assess their health by completing the Symptom Screening before entering campus.

Will my supervisor get a copy of my Symptom Screening clearance?
Not automatically. Please include your supervisor’s email address as a person to notify that you will be on campus.

After I completed the Symptom Screening, I ended up visiting other areas on campus. How do I update the information?
If you visited other areas of campus, please complete the Symptom Screening again, adding the additional areas.

What areas are cleaned after I report my visit to campus?
It is important that you report where you visit on campus, and that you minimize the locations you visit as much as possible. Maintenance and Operations staff are working hard to clean and sanitize spaces based on use. Although fewer people are on campus, the work required for each campus visit, including for limited in-person instruction, is significant. Based on information reported through the Symptom Screening, the following areas are cleaned:

  • Doorknobs
  • Chair seat backs (where people grab their chair to pull it out from a desk)
  • Chair arm rests
  • Desktops
  • Bathroom sink faucets
  • Bathroom toilet handles
  • Bathroom stall doors and latches/handles (both sides of door)
  • Common space areas (break areas and appliances within, e.g., vending machines, microwaves, refrigerator handles)
  • Time permitting, staff will perform regular custodial duties (e.g., high cleaning of AC vents, dusting, windows, etc.)
    Note that this list does not include a keyboard, mouse, or other items that you may touch during your visit. Please wipe down these items to sanitize them before and after your use.

I am an instructor. How do I ensure that students are completing the Symptom Screening?
Instructors will receive emails each day when students complete the symptom tracker if students include the instructor’s email address. While maintaining physical distancing, instructors may ask all students to hold up their cell phone or laptop that displays the date and large green check mark indicating they completed the Symptom Screening and are cleared to come onto campus for the day.

Thank you for your continued efforts to protect the campus community!


David Wain Coon, Ed.D.