PG&E Public Safety Power Shutoffs and Air Quality Shutdowns

September 24th, 2019 - 3:27pm

College Community,

In light of recent warnings of potential PG&E Public Safety Power Shutoffs (PSPS), along with what we learned from our experiences last year after closing campuses because of poor air quality, I am sharing important information and resources to help prepare for these power outages. The feedback provided by students, faculty, and staff after campus closures last November due to worsening air quality from wildfires was constructive and helped inform a plan to communicate well in advance of a PSPS or campus closure due to poor air quality.

A PSPS will likely occur in Marin, if not during the current fire season, at some point in the future. Please take a moment to read about the implications of a PSPS and how you can prepare for multi-day power outages at the College and at your residence. The efforts we take now will help build resilience and preparedness in our community in the event of a PSPS, earthquake, flood, and other natural disasters.

PG&E Public Safety Power Shutoffs—Recommendations for Students, Faculty, and Staff

Desconexión de energía eléctrica de PG&E para la seguridad pública - Recomendaciones para estudiantes, docentes y personal 

An air quality guidelines chart (linked below) provides recommended actions for different activities based on the air quality index (AQI). The chart also includes the guidance used by College officials in determining when to close campuses. As always, use your best judgment in these situations and work with your instructor or supervisor if you cannot make it to campus during times when the AQI is elevated.

College of Marin Air Quality Guidelines Chart


David Wain Coon, Ed.D.