Payroll Timecard Submission Guidelines

March 17th, 2020 - 4:16pm
Email sent to all employees on behalf of Fiscal Services

College Community,

This communication is to provide guidelines and instructions to those employees and managers responsible for monthly timecard submission.  With in-person classes suspended and many employees working remotely, we understand there may be challenges with employee timecard submission. Below are some guidelines and instructions for submitting monthly timecards while in-person classes are suspended and employees are working remotely:

  • During this unprecedented time, we will accept an electronically-scanned or photo image of a signed timecard.  The employee’s manager, or the manager’s administrative assistant, should e-mail the timecard to Linda Terry ( and Michelle Greitzer ( in the Payroll Department. E-mails will only be accepted from e-mail addresses.
  • In all cases, timecards should be signed by the employee and the employee’s manager.
  • To avoid confusion or possible duplication, if you submit a timecard electronically via e-mail, then please do not subsequently send the original timecard.
  • Attached are blank timecard PDF files for your use – one for hourly employees and one for regular employees who may have compensatory time.
  • If an employee has completed work for a particular month, then please submit the timecard earlier rather than later.

Unless our department is notified otherwise, we will continue with our regular payroll schedule and deadlines. You may review the timecard due date schedule and payroll memorandums on our webpage here

Paying employees timely is always a collaborative effort between the employee, the manager, and the Payroll Department. We are committed to making every effort to ensure timely and accurate payroll for all employees.

We thank you in advance for your efforts as we work together to serve our community.

Payroll Department
College of Marin