May 2018 Data Nugget

May 22nd, 2018 - 3:46pm

Course Success Rates

One of College of Marin’s strategic plan objectives is to decrease the proportion of students who register late for classes. The Planning, Research, and Institutional Effectiveness Office (PRIE) recently compared course success rates for courses added on time to those added after the first course meeting date. The data analyzed were from spring 2016 through fall 2017. 

All Course Subjects Combined
For all course subjects combined, course success for on-time registrations was 79%, versus 74% for courses added late.
Math Courses
For math courses, success for on-time registration was 59%, and 53% for late adds.
English Courses
For English courses, the difference was larger; course success was 73% for courses added on time and 59% for those added late.