Fire Alarm Drills at the Kentfield and Indian Valley Campuses

August 31st, 2018 - 11:14am

Fire Alarm Drills Scheduled at the Kentfield and Indian Valley Campuses

KENTFIELD / NOVATO, CA—AUGUST 31, 2018—Disasters and major emergencies can occur without warning and create serious risk for the College of Marin (COM) community. In an effort to enhance our emergency preparedness, the College will be conducting a campus-wide fire alarm drill at each of our campuses between 11 a.m. and noon. The Kentfield Campus fire drill will occur on Wednesday, September 26, and the Indian Valley Campus fire drill will take place on Wednesday, October 3. 

Multiple fire alarms will be activated; however, this is only a drill. All buildings will be evacuated for a short period of time during the drills. Once the campus buildings have been evacuated, the alarms will be turned off and students, faculty, and staff may reoccupy the buildings.

This training will be held with assistance from the COM Police Department and the Kentfield Fire Department. If you see police and fire activity and/or hear alarms, be advised that this is an emergency preparedness drill only. Questions or comments may be directed to COM Police Chief Jeff Marozick at 415-485-9479.