COM Opens Renovated Fitness Center at Kentfield Campus

August 24th, 2017 - 11:25am

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COM Opens Renovated Fitness Center at Kentfield Campus

Kinesiology and Athletics Department promoting an active start to the semester

Kentfield Fitness Center

KENTFIELD, CA—August 24, 2017— College of Marin (COM) Kinesiology and Athletics Department faculty and staff are promoting an active start to the fall semester. As the weather gets cooler, schedules get busy and some may find that there are fewer opportunities to get out and exercise. New this term, COM students and employees will have access to a completely renovated fitness center at the Kentfield Campus. 

Over the summer the Kentfield Fitness Center was completely renovated. Kinesiology and Athletics staff worked with some of the best consultants in the fitness industry to decide how to use the space most efficiently. Everything in the fitness center, from the floor to each and every piece of equipment is new and state-of-the-art. The center was designed on the concept of functional fitness, which means that the activities, workouts, and equipment are all designed to support the functional movements that are done in real life, regardless of the individual’s fitness level. 

A new Kentfield Fitness Center app has also just been launched. Students and employees can use the app to set goals and challenges, track and record workouts, post activity, and share on social media. Students are also able to find available fitness classes and the app is integrated with Canvas, the College’s new learning management system, so course work is available with a touch of the screen.

Each semester, COM also serves a number of students in its Adapted Physical Education (PE) program. Part of the Kentfield Fitness Center renovation project will also include relocation of Adapted PE to a classroom better suited to the needs of this specific student population. Approximately $25,000 in upgraded equipment was ordered for the program this year, which will replace 20 percent of the specialized equipment in the space. An additional $70,000 in specialized equipment is planned for purchase in the coming year to fully renovate program’s equipment.


Employee Wellness Program and Fitness Center Course

In spring 2017, the Kinesiology and Athletics Department surveyed faculty and staff to gauge interest in an Employee Wellness program. Based on nearly 260 responses on wellness and use of the Kentfield Fitness Center, the College will provide employees access to the renovated fitness center as the first phase of an Employee Wellness program. 

Given that many respondents to the survey requested access before 8 a.m. and/ or after 5 p.m., early morning and early evening hours will be built into the schedule. Employees can access the facility, which will feature all new equipment and structured fitness classes, for just $30 per semester—about 35 cents per day of operation. The fees will offset the cost of offering extended hours.

As the new center was being reimagined, surveys allowed employees to become part of the discussion and the administration was supportive of efforts to have a distinctive impact on the health of the campus community.

“College of Marin is fortunate to have talented instructors and the facilities that allow us to encourage and support employees in living healthy lifestyles,” said Superintendent/President Dr. David Wain Coon. “Bringing faculty and staff together through physical activity will hopefully be another step to increase health and happiness but to also deepen connections to the broader campus community.”

Students will be engaging in the Fitness Center course during the same hours the Employee Wellness program is offered. Students are given first priority for the equipment, but according to Athletic Director Ryan Byrne, there should be plenty of resources available to meet the needs of both students and employees. Fitness Center classes are open to students and employees, or participants can exercise on their own after completing the orientation. Exercising with a partner is strongly encouraged as this promotes safety, consistency, and can help with goal achievement.

“In some ways, this is similar to a gym membership. You enroll in the class/program and you have access to the fitness classes or can work out on your own, but we offer so much more than the typical gym membership,” says Byrne. “Students and staff are going to receive incredible coaching and instruction from our instructors, all of whom have master’s degrees in kinesiology.”

Byrne says that it’s the educational component that separates College of Marin’s Kentfield Fitness Center is what makes it unique. Those enrolled in Kinesiology 113: Fitness Center (CRN 83071) or in the Employee Wellness program will get a great workout and learn to take control of their fitness goals while getting instruction each step of the way. 

The Fitness Center maintains both directed classes as well as open hours for drop-in students. Use is limited to open hours of operation and there will be a qualified instructor present to lead the class as well as a front desk associate to assist you in getting started. A current class schedule for the Kentfield Campus is conveniently posted on COM's Kinesiology and Athletics website, on the “College of Marin Fitness CTR” App (available through the Apple App Store and the Android App Store) as well as posted outside each door.

Students can take advantage of the Kentfield Fitness Center by registering for Kinesiology 113: Fitness Center (CRN 83071) and employees can access the center by signing up for the Employee Wellness program. Students can register for this class even after the semester is underway; contact Kathleen Smyth or Ryan Byrne for additional details.