Board Welcomes New Student Trustee

September 15th, 2020 - 2:55pm

The College of Marin (COM) Board of Trustees welcomed Khadija Nakhuda as the student representative for 2020-2021. Nakhuda was sworn in during the regularly scheduled board meeting on August 11 after being elected by her peers as the new student trustee.  

Nakhuda, a second-year student at COM, plans to major in nursing and currently volunteers in the post-surgery unit at Marin Health to gain experience. Her long-term goal is to become a pediatric nurse. 

Growing up as a minority in Mill Valley, California, and attending the predominantly white Tamalpais High School, Nakhuda was pleasantly surprised upon arriving at COM and discovering a vast level of diversity. “When I got to COM, I was in shock because there are so many people of color; it really changed my whole view,” said Nakhuda. “I had such a positive experience during my first year at COM as a person of color, especially with all of the events hosted by the college, like the Migration Event.” 

Dedicated to advocating for people of color and underrepresented groups, Nakhuda was involved in SOAR (Students Organized Against Racism) in high school and strives to bring her values and views on advocacy and equity into her current position. “I am very passionate about fighting for equality, especially during this time,” said Nakhuda. 

“The Board is delighted that Khadija Nakhuda has joined as our new Student Trustee,” said COM Board President Stuart Tanenberg. “As the Board addresses the topic of antiracism, her voice, experience, and perspective will be most welcome as we discuss inclusion, diversity, equity, and action at COM. With the addition of Khadija, the Board of Trustees looks forward to a productive school year as we delve into this important work.”

As an elected student trustee and an active member of the Associated Students of College of Marin (ASCOM), Nakhuda hopes to help the student body navigate the new and unique remote learning environment this semester. “I want all students' voices to be heard, and I will do my best to present their needs to the Board in order to help them,” said Nakhuda. “During my term, I will keep the Board as informed as possible about the student body to make sure everyone stays connected.”