Board of Trustees Regular Meeting Recap - April 17, 2018

May 8th, 2018 - 12:34pm

Study Session

Topics of the study session included an update on the Measure B Program projects and a discussion about the Bolinas Field Station.

Chief Executive Officer Report

A reception was held to recognize our newly tenured faculty members. Congratulations to:

Trevor Bjorklund, Music
Paul Cheney, History, Political Science
Mia Chia, Computer Science
Indica Cook, Child Development
Jason Dunn, Fine Arts
Marco Gonzalez, Sociology
Patricia Hulin, Fine Arts
Luna Finlayson, Counseling
Robert McCoy, Psychology
Shawn Purcell, Psychology
Susan Rahman, Psychology/Sociology

Meeting Highlights Include

Employment Actions

The Board approved the appointment of the following employees:

Heather Rahman, Workforce and Partnership Specialist
Kathy Keville, Interim Manager, Environmental Health, Safety, and Risk

Board Policies and Administrative Procedures

The Board approved BP 3570 Smoke-Free Learning and Working Environment

Other Action Highlights

The Board of Trustees passed all consent and action agenda items including a commendation resolution for Marilee Eckert, international agency partnership agreements, clinical training agreements, Measure B Bond items and an out of country travel request.  

The full agenda, all actions, and related materials can be found online under the “Meetings” tab >  April 17, 2018, meeting.