Board of Trustees Meeting Highlights – March 12, 2019

March 22nd, 2019 - 2:22pm

Study Session

During the study session, Trustees participated in a required two-hour Sexual Harassment Prevention Training. Additional discussion topics included Board objectives and key results and the Educational Master Plan process.

Meeting Highlights Include

New Hire

Jesse Hoffman, Assistant Director of Facilities Planning, Maintenance and Operations

Board Policies and Administrative Procedures

The Board Approved the following Board Policies:

BP 3505 Emergency Operations Plan
BP 5300 Student Equity
BP 6330 Purchasing
BP 6340 Bids and Contracts
BP 6550 Disposal of District Personal Property
BP 6750 Parking

The Board received the following Administrative Procedures for information:

AP 3300 Public Records
AP 3810 Claims Against the District
AP 5110 Counseling
AP 6350 Contracts - Construction
AP 6360 Contracts - Electronic Systems and Materials
AP 7125 Verification of Eligibility for Employment
AP 7365 Discipline and Dismissal – Classified Employees

The Board received the following Board Policies for information and first reading: (These policies will go to the Board for approval in April)

BP 2730 Board Member Health Benefits
BP 3300 Public Records
BP 3420 Equal Employment Opportunity
BP 3810 Claims Against the District
BP 5110 Counseling
BP 7365 Discipline and Dismissal - Classified Employees
BP 7510 Domestic Partners

Other Action Highlights

The Board passed all consent and action items on the agenda. There was a revision to the attachment for Item F.2 Academic Personnel Recommendations. Actions included acceptance of the Measure B and C Citizens’ Oversight Committee annual reports, Resolution #2019-4 in support of Women’s History Month; and an endorsement to nominate Eliana Dimopoulos for the Community College Classified Employee of the Year.  

The full agenda and all related materials can be found online under the Meetings tab > March 12, 2019.