2018-19 ASCOM Election Results

May 14th, 2018 - 10:33am

The Student Activities and Advocacy Office announced the 2018-19 Associated Students of College of Marin (ASCOM) Board. Students campaigned for a seat on the student government from March 1 through April 6 and voting occurred between April 9 and 13, 2018. All candidates put in a great amount of time and effort and are commended for taking part in this process.  
There are still vacant positions. Interested students should email ssulaimanhara@marin.edu.  
In addition, a new constitution was adopted. Changes to positions and duties are online at http://ss.marin.edu/saa/ascom.
Congratulations to the following individuals who will serve as student government representatives in the coming academic year!
Liam Campbell
Vice President            
Hellen Sigaran
Kai Konishi Gray
State Student Senate Representative: California Community Colleges (SSSCCC) 
Laurie Pennisi
Student Activities and Services Senator
Andrea Thach
Technology and Public Relations Senator
Paula Vargas Sullivan

The following positions are vacant: 
Student Activities and Services Senator
Student Trustee         
Public Relations and Marketing Senator (2 seats)