Cultivating Compassion Through Nature

September 22, 2023
8:30 am — 1 pm
Indian Valley Organic Farm and Garden
Building 28B, Rooms 201 and 202


Scientific studies show that nature plays an important role in enhancing our creativity, compassion and joy. In this Half-day workshop, we will explore how the ABCs (Awareness, Belonging and Caring) have a positive impact in reducing stress, anxiety and lifting our spirits.  

As a participant you will experience ways of slowing down and relaxing through guided meditations and engage in activities that stimulate your awareness, belonging, caring. You will practice being in the present moment and reducing your stress level by using your five senses in nature. 

Bring a box lunch if you wish to stay after the workshop and eat with the other participants. Please bring warm clothing, rainwear in case the weather is chilly and/or rainy, comfortable walking shoes. Bring a water bottle and sunscreen in case it’s sunny and hot.

Session Outcomes: 
  1. Participants will explore the role of the ABC’s (Awareness, Belonging and Caring) in increasing their well-being 
  2. Participants will use their five senses to become more keenly aware of the present moment. 
  3. Participants will have a better understanding of the role of nature in reducing stress and promoting happiness, creativity, and compassion