Celebrating the Cosmos with COM

A Community Journey

Sailing Through The Universe with the James Webb Space Telescope.

Saturday, February 12, 2022
9 am to 1 pm 
Bayside Martin Luther King Jr. Academy 
Marin City

Join us for two exciting events to learn about the Webb telescope and the amazing scientific discoveries that await us in the years to come. Enjoy some giveaways, astronomy arts and crafts, telescope viewing of the Sun, virtual-reality exploration of Mars, and a special tour of the universe inside an inflatable planetarium.

No food is allowed at the Bayside Martin Luther King Jr. Academy and all participants must follow COVID-19 prevention protocols as determined by College of Marin, BMLK Academy, and Marin County Health Department.

Individuals seeking access support or reasonable accommodations to attend this event may contact (415) 485-9376.

For more information, please contact Antonino Cucchiara at acucchiara@marin.edu.
Press release: Celebrate the Cosmos with COM