College Services

What the heck is College Services?

The College Services Department is a new umbrella term for many familiar existing creative departments that now together form a full service, top-notch team. We encompass Graphic Design, Web Design, Mail Services, Shipping/Receiving/Courier, Asset Management, and Record Retention. Think of us as the source for all your creative services at College of Marin.

Who We Are and What We Do

Our award winning team is dedicated to providing hands on, state of the art, full-service support for all staff, faculty and administrative needs, from start to finish. We have the equipment, expertise, and experience to make it happen for you. By taking advantage of all we have to offer, you can improve your event, program, departmental and other communication needs and accomplish your mission to provide opportunities and excellence in education for students at College of Marin. 

You gain access to an incredible range of in-depth service and support, from black and white copying to digital color production, superior graphic and web design and assistance, a complete line of binding and finishing services, interoffice, first class and bulk mail service, and social media assistance.

Event and Program Support

Do you have a new program or an upcoming event? When you partner with College Services, planning events and program initiatives with us is a win-win for everyone. We can assist you in the early stages with everything needed to promote your event or program and make it a success. We are here to consult with you so let us know what is in the pipeline as early as possible and we will be there to support you.

Working Together

We work together in partnership with the President’s Office to support the Marin Community College District’s mission by ensuring that all college promotional, informational, event and communication collateral —both print and electronic— present a consistent image that reflects the college with the utmost accuracy, appropriateness, and professionalism. We do it all with proper adherence to College of Marin brand standards and in compliance and consideration of environmental and sustainability initiatives.

We are dedicated to creating the highest quality in everything we do. You gain access to a professional staff who get it right and the equipment to utilize resources the most appropriately and costs-effectively. 

So now you know who we are. College Services. We are here for you!