Refund Policy

A $10 per semester service fee and any outstanding balance due the College will be deducted from all refunds. No service fee is charged if the class is canceled by the College. Refunds are processed through College Fiscal Services, with checks being mailed directly to you.  Refund request forms are available through the College of Marin Cashiering Services Office. Financial aid recipients, see below.

Responsibility for dropping classes in order to receive a refund rests solely upon the student. It is the student's responsibility to 1) verify an instructor has initiated a drop by the established deadline dates and 2) apply for a refund. Please note: Students who drop and add a class will be charged for the add beginning the third week of the term.

Enrollment, health, and class materials fees, and nonresident and international student tuition may be refundable for full term courses and short term courses, including summer session. See the Schedule of Important Dates in the College of Marin catalog for specific deadlines.

Nonresident tuition refunds for fall and spring are granted:

  • 100% refund through the second week.

  • The College cannot give refunds after the second week of instruction.

  • Nonresident tuition refunds for summer and short-term classes will be pro-rated accordingly.

If no materials have been used, refund of materials fees will be granted through Friday of the second week of classes or, for short term/summer session classes, before completion of 10% of the class.

For Closed or Canceled Classes

Refund Request Forms must be received in the Cashiering Services Offices not later than Friday of the second week of classes, or one week after the course has been canceled. Please allow approximately 8 weeks for refund processing.

Financial Aid Recipients: Refunds Information  

If you receive Financial Aid and are eligible to a refund, funds will be delivered to you by BankMobile, which provides several options for you to receive your financial aid refund. If you do not select an option, you will receive a paper check in the mail.

BankMobile Refund Method Options

Once you receive your refund selection kit from BankMobile visit:, enter your 12 digit personal code from your refund selection kit, create your login account (please note you will need to enter your birthday and last 4 of your Student ID # to create an account  the proper format contains no spaces or dashes MMDD####), select your refund delivery method.

Customers Bank/BankMobile Contract Disclosure

How to Choose Your Refund Method

Once you receive your refund selection kit, follow these 5 steps:

  1. Visit
  2. Enter your unique personal code from your refund packet
  3. Create your login information
  4. Select how you prefer to receive your money
  5. Complete your profile

Frequently Asked Questions

  • After I sign up, do I have to sign up every term?
    No. Your refund choice will apply to all future refunds. You can change your refund method as often as you like and preference changes will take effect immediately. For help signing up, to change from an electronic refund method to a paper check, or if you do not receive your funds, please call 1-877-EASY-515 (1-877-327-9515).
  • What are my refund methods?
    1. Direct Deposit—Funds available in 2-3 business days
    What it is: An electronic transfer of your refund into your personal checking or savings account.
    What you need to do: Have your bank account and routing numbers available when you sign up.

    2. BankMobile Vibe Account—Funds available the same day
    What it is: BankMobile Vibe is an optional, full-service, FDIC insured checking account with student focused features.
    What you need to do: Have your personal information (driver's license and social security number) available when you make your selection.

  • Can I use my debit card number to set up direct deposit?
    No. You must use your bank account and routing number printed on the bottom of your check. If you enter your debit card number, your deposit will be rejected.
  • What happens if I entered my account number incorrectly?
    The bank will check to make sure the account number is valid, but they do not verify that the bank account you entered belongs to you! If you entered a valid account number that belongs to someone else, the deposit will go to that account. We can try to recover the funds, but there is no guarantee. If you entered an invalid account number, the deposit will be returned and an attempt will be made to contact you.
  • How do I change my bank account number?

    You can change your bank account information through your BankMobile Refund site. Here's how:
    1. Log in to your BankMobile Refund account. Select the User Profile tab and select Refund Preferences from the drop down menu.
    2. If you already have direct deposit, it should show your current banking information.
    3. Click the Change Bank button, and BankMobile will prompt you to enter your new account info.

    Please be sure to double check the account information you enter, BankMobile will only verify that the account is active but does not verify if it belongs to you.
  • How do I access my BankMobile account?
    AllPoint ATM Locations Finder
: Find the most convenient AllPoint ATM locations to use BankMobile Vibe surcharge-free.