Kahoot! Trivia Games

COMmunity Hour

Join us for trivia games using Kahoot! on a variety of topics such as fun facts, science & nature, sports, technology, and entertainment! This is a great opportunity to take a break and connect with co-workers. We will play two, or maybe three games, as time permits.

For Zoom information, log on to MyCOM, access ProLearning and find us on the calendar.

It’s easy to play. All you need is your computer (laptop or desktop) and a smartphone or tablet.

  1. Click the Zoom link on your computer to join the group.
  2. When you join, you’ll be greeted by the host, and a pin number will appear on your screen.
  3. Next, simply open a browser on your tablet or phone and type in this website kahoot.it
  4. Enter the pin number on your phone/tablet.
  5. You will see the trivia question and answer choices through Zoom on your computer.
  6. Use your phone/tablet to click the answer you want.

Don’t worry, we’ll walk you through it when you log onto the Zoom call.