Monday Mindful Moment: Working with Self-Judgement

Monday Mindful Moment

The Monday Mindful Moment Sessions are continuing in May. Join us most Mondays in May during COMmunity Hour to take a Mindful Moment. Each session, we will focus on a different aspect of emotions, stress management, or resiliency, and we will talk about how to take care of ourselves better at work, school, and/or at home.

There will be a 10-15 minute meditation and deep breathing practice followed by a discussion period. Sessions will last about 30 minutes.

Take a few minutes to recharge and refresh on your busy Monday, which can also help you reframe your thoughts and feelings for the whole week. We hope you will take this time for yourself! You deserve it!


Working with Self-Judgement
May 23, 2022
12:40 pm — 1:30 pm

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This Monday Mindful Moment is brought to you by the COM Wellness Program.