First Generation Scholars (FGS)

College is a new experience characterized by opportunities, challenges, and change. Building a community and support network helps students adjust to college, receive help when needed, and be connected with others that have similar backgrounds and experiences.

The College of Marin First Generation Scholars (FGS) program is open to all eligible students and is designed to empower, support, and create a strong community for our First-Generation college student population. FGS focuses on increasing the success, graduation, and transfer rates for our First-Generation college students.

First-Generation college students are individuals whose parents do not hold a college degree from a college in the United States.


To empower, support, and create a strong community for COM’s First-Generation College student population.


FGS inspires to create an inclusive environment that allows an equitable opportunity for First-Generation college students to achieve their educational and career goals. 

Values Statement

  • Academic Excellence
  • Social Justice
  • Community Bond
  • Peer Support

Benefits of Participating in the FGS Program

  • Becoming part of a fun, supportive community on campus
  • Assistance navigating financial aid and scholarships
  • 1:1 Counseling sessions with an FGS counselor
  • Help picking a college major
  • Guarantee to have a full educational plan in your first semester
  • Fieldtrips
  • Linked classes with engaging and understanding instructors

Enrollment Eligibility

There are two ways to participate in FGS. Students can enroll in our linked classes and/or participate in the program outside of the classes.

To participate in the FGS linked courses:

  • Place into English 92 or English 120AC for the fall semester
  • Register for the linked courses outlined below
  • Commit to enrollment in FGS courses for fall 2017 and spring 2018

If students place above English 120AC or cannot take the linked classes, but want to join the FGS program, submit a program application and meet with an FGS counselor.

Fall 2017 Courses

Cohort 1

ENGL 92 and 92L and COUN 110

Cohort 2

ENGL 120AC and COUN 110

Spring 2018 Courses

Cohort 1

ENGL 120AC and COUN 116

Cohort 2

ENGL 150 and COUN 116 and SOC 110