English Skills Lab


ESL classes are listed under English as a Second Language. College of Marin offers an English assessment testing service to provide prospective students with information to make informed decisions when enrolling in English courses. Students should prepare for the test to ensure appropriate placement. Review materials are available at the testing center. Students are provided with their own individual test scores. Students who need help interpreting their individual placement test scores and in deciding what English courses to register for may seek assistance from a counselor. For information about the English Assessment Test, please call the Testing Office at 415.485.9469 (located in the Student Services Center, Room 238, Kentfield Campus) for test information on both campuses.

Learning Resources Center, LC 120, Kentfield Campus
For Lab Component of ENGL 62 and 92





8:30 am - 9 am Koenig Pasquel Koenig Pasquel Bonander Closed
9 am - 10 am Koenig Pasquel Koenig Pasquel Bonander Fitzpatrick
10 am - 11 am Koenig Robertson Koenig Robertson Bonander Fitzpatrick
11 am - 12 pm Fitzpatrick Brookshire Douglass Brookshire Bonander Fitzpatrick
12 pm - 1 pm Fitzpatrick Brookshire Douglass Bonander Bonander Closed
1 pm - 2 pm Woodlief Seery Nelson Bonander Bonander Closed
2 pm - 3 pm Drisdell Seery Nelson Seery Closed Closed
3 pm - 4 pm Koenig Robertson Nelson Robertson Closed Closed
4 pm - 5 pm Drisdell Carlson McBride Robertson Closed Closed
5 pm - 6 pm Saldana Carlson McBride Closed Closed Closed
6 pm - 7 pm Saldana Closed Saldana Closed Closed Closed