Educational Master Plan

College of Marin Educational Master Plan 2009-2019

College of Marin's Educational Master Plan 2009-2019 (EMP) is the principal document guiding all other institutional planning and decision making, including strategic planning, resource allocation, evaluation, and outcome assessment. It projects the future of College of Marin for the coming decade and makes general recommendations that address current and foreseeable challenges.

The plan's analysis of internal and external data and the resulting 19 broad recommendations (organized into four categories: student access, student success, college systems and community responsiveness) provide a common foundation for discussion about the College's effectiveness in fulfilling its mission; together they are intended to serve as the basis for the College's three-year strategic plans and to inform annual unit plans.

Mission, Vision and Values (Mission reviewed/approved 4-11-15 by the Board of Trustees)

College of Marin Educational Master Plan 2009-2019
Most recent updated Challenges and Recommendations (Chapter 4, pages 35-37) (result of Feb.2012 report)
Updated Educational Master Plan Recommendations February 2012 Report (Published 02-15-2012)
Updated Profile of the District's Service Area May 2012