Commencement Speakers

Keynote Speaker – Bettie Hodges

The College is pleased to have Bettie Hodges, Executive Director of the Hannah Project in Marin City, as the honored commencement keynote speaker.

Bettie Hodges

Bettie Hodges is an activist, philanthropic professional, educator and community development specialist whose professional career spans more than thirty years. Ms. Hodges is a native Marinite whose parents, Ruth and Charles, were part of the Great Migration of Blacks who fled the South in search of freedom and opportunity in the North and West. Bettie’s lifelong residence in Marin City and her long-term commitment to social justice and civic responsibility reflect the hopes, dreams and mores that were fostered in a home environment filled with parental love, nurturing and great expectations. Her upbringing is mirrored in the work in which she has chosen to dedicate her energies. 

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Student Speaker – Taria Gregoire

Taria Gregoire is a Bay Area native from Marin City, California. Taria and her older brother Quentin were raised by their single mother Dinah Miller and their grandmother, the late Dolores Woods. As soon as she was old enough to get a work permit, Taria began to work. After high school, she got a full scholarship to study graphic design at Silicon Valley College, a vocational school in Fremont. With a certificate as a computer graphic specialist, she moved to Oakland and worked at a newspaper where she created advertisements. 

In 2001, Taria returned to Marin City and pursued Mass Communications and Early Childhood Education at the College of Marin. Thanks to the foundation the College of Marin has given her, she has been accepted into the Broadcasting and Electronic Communication Arts (BECA) at San Francisco State University.